Why we need a Colour of the Year

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“It’s better than the colour of 2015, Marsala.”

That was the comment from our Lead Creative Designer Mel when it was revealed the Pantone Colour of the Year for 2020 was Classic Blue. 

The wise folks at Pantone believed that this colour would instill calm and provide a stable foundation to start a new decade with. Just two months into 2020 and already the Royal Family is in crisis mode thanks to #Megxit, we have narrowly avoided war between the USA and Iran, Australia has been devastated by the bushfire crisis and now Coronavirus is looking to be a global pandemic, so maybe calm and confidence isn’t such a bad idea to look up to. Or maybe blue is a sign of hope for more rain for much of drought-affected regional NSW - we’ll keep our fingers crossed on that one. 

But what does the colour of the year actually mean? A look back through previous colours of the year can provide a walk down memory lane for fashion, trends and even rebranding exercises. Pantone always explains what the colour represents and why it’s been selected. 2010 - another start to a decade - was Turquoise, thought to inspire thought of tropical waters and escape from the current world and a feeling of restoration. While 2017 was a Greenery - a refreshing shade for new beginnings (noting Pantone is a US company and 2017 marked the beginning of the Trump Presidency). 

A colour is more than just something that brings a website or logo to life, but it has a message. A colour can communicate originality and ingenuity (Ultra-Violet 18-3838), soothing calm and warm embrace (Rose Quartz 13-1520), or even robust enrichment (Marsala, 18-1438). A graphic designer doesn’t just know what looks good, but what it tells an audience. That’s why you hire the experts in brand strategy and design to make sure you’re telling the right story. 

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