What the FAQ!

There, we said it.

Why do we conduct an Uncovery Workshop?


The Uncovery Workshop is an opportunity where together, we can collaborate and onboard with the objectives, and define the desired outcomes of your project. We explore the positioning, differentiation, competitive advantage and unique selling proposition of your organisation and gain a clear understanding of how to design and develop a brand or website to satisfy the needs of its multiple stakeholders. The Uncovery is essential to creating a strategic approach that can be measured to ensure you get the results you are looking for, rather than throwing time and money at something that might not work!

What is Beer O'Clock and how do I join?


Beer O'Clock was created as a way to engage with our community. We aim to educate, entertain and have a laugh - what a great way to end the working week together? 

What exactly do you do?


We learn about your goals and objectives for your business, then craft the right perception and expectations to allow you to execute these with measured results that make sense. 

How do I know if my website works?


So you've got a nice lovely new website, or an old one? But you want to know if it works. 

3 key things to knowing if your site works: SEO, Analytics and good support from your agency. Give us a yell if you need some help, we're happy to chat! 

wtf is a KEO?


KEO is a team of creative designers, brand strategists and developers located in rural Australia. We focus on engagement with our clients, working as a team with our clients to deliver meaningful and measurable outcomes.

What to expect when you’re expecting a rebrand?


A rebrand is so much more than a new logo, it’s a shift as to how your brand is perceived both internally and externally. It’s important to consider all aspects to achieve a smooth transition into your new identity. Rebranding isn’t about thinking of a brand new concept and rolling with it. A strategic approach is required, taking into consideration the existing identity, how various stakeholders will interact with a brand, and how the new brand will look, sound and act.

How often should I update my website?


Always. Your website is an online reflection of your business. Imagine if you never cleaned the showroom, ordered new inventory, or just responded to every customer and client who walked in with the exact same response. 

That's why we educate you:

1. On how to use your CMS so you can keep the content up to date and maintained 

2. Trust your agency. Collaborate and chat with your agency to determine your business objectives and goals.

What's the difference between a brand and a logo?


Brand = perception

Logo = critical piece of the puzzle (brand identity) that creates that perception

What's Mark made of?


Star Dust

I have a question - how can I ask it?


Great! We'd love to hear it

 click here and submit a question to us

If we think it can help everyone we'll publish it here for others. 

Thanks for contributing! 

Do you do responsive design?


We sure do! In fact, we often start with Mobile Design to ensure that the user experience will be seamless across all devices. It's critical.

Do you offer Social Media management?


Absolutely! Digital marketing can be time consuming and costly without proper management. At KEO, we can manage and maintain your digital presence, providing meaningful insights through monthly reports. Our socials team design and create content for both organic and paid social media efforts, including social tiles, story templates and accompanying content. We craft user journeys that drive web traffic and effectively communicate your brand messaging to the target audience. Get in touch to learn more about our Digital Marketing Packages!