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Beer O'Clock

The past two weeks have seen unprecedented measures change the way we work, how we communicate and the way we go about our everyday lives. It’s been a huge adjustment, and it’s going to be the first of many. We’ve been talking with our clients and everyone is feeling it, with the unknown time frame attached to this new normal weighing heavily on people's minds. 

So we’re doing something about it. Partnering with Regional Australia Bank, Keo is bringing back Beer O’Clock - this Friday from 4pm at This virtual pub (BYO drinks) is completely FREE and will provide an opportunity for people to gather and connect to talk about whatever they want. It’s not invitation only, there’s room for everyone! Simply join the meeting, take a sip of your beverage of choice and talk about the week that’s been, just like you would on a normal Friday afternoon, but from a socially acceptable distance. 

Creative Director Nic Hinwood says the initiative is simply to open up communication and provide a space for honest conversations.

“Our clients are from a diverse range of industries, and over the last two weeks we have been hearing of so many impacts the measures are having on business. Everyone understands they need to happen, but it doesn’t make planning any easier. Providing a virtual pub for people was a small step we could take to help people communicate with each other.” 

Dane O’Connor from Regional Australia Bank reiterated the importance of keeping social interaction strong during the uncertainty. 

“Socially isolating is the current buzz word, but it’s not correct. Really we are physically isolating but can remain social, and Beer O’Clock has proven in the past a great way to stay in touch while isolating. Human interaction is vital to good mental health, and we as a local business are committed to helping our local community through this difficult time. By talking together we realise we aren’t alone, and a lot of us will have similar struggles.”

At Keo we’re invested, for good. We never close the door and want to be the friend who always checks in, and there has never been a more important time to do so. Let’s all check in together, every Friday at 4pm. 

The Online Pub is a chance to catch up and talk about the week that was - and is completely FREE! Come in for 5 minutes, stay for an hour. It’s up to you! Login at


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