The elusive quest for the perfect content

The Risk of Perfection

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A common hold-up for a shiny new website with a fresh design that is easy to use and mobile responsive is the elusive quest for the perfect content. 

The importance of the message and impression you and your brand are portraying to the public can’t be overstated, but there is more to consider than just the message you are going to present in your new site. That is - what are you currently portraying to the public with your existing site or the lack of a website altogether. How many people are going elsewhere because they can’t find you, your website isn’t mobile, or your content is no longer relevant.

Your quest for perfection can span from weeks to months to sometimes years and is ultimately is ongoing. You can strive for perfection but in reality it is a constant evolution your business will change and there isn’t a set and forget when it comes to marketing. You have to print new brochures, signs will fade it’s only natural that websites will need an update in the future.

During your quest your site will only get more and more out of date. Especially if you have an existing site and you’re updating it without updating the new site. The longer you put it off the longer your new asset is kept from potential customers. You don’t have to sit on this golden egg - get it to the public & polish as you go!

Ask yourself:

You Don't Have A Website Yet

  1. How are people finding your details currently? 
    • Can you google your business and get the details? 
    • Do they know what days you’re open and when?  
    • Can they call you? Where is your phone number listed?
  2. Is it only by physically going past the business and word of mouth?
    • You are greatly reducing your new client potential market
    • Get on Google My Business while your site is being built - it’s free and it’s very useful [read more]


You Do Have An Existing Website

  1. Is your site mobile responsive?
    • How many potential customers are being put off because they can’t read your site and are going somewhere else?  
    • Mobile is approx half of web traffic worldwide [view stats]. In Australia, we’re at 39% [view stats] currently
    • This market share is only going to increase with new websites being indexed by mobile-first as of July this year (2019) [read more on mobile-first].
  2. Is the content on my existing site current? 
    • The public & potential clients are looking at your current site right now!
    • Are the contact details correct?
    • Does it have all your products/ services?
  3. Is it designed to improve the user experience?
    • Is it hard to navigate or use in any way?
    • Does the style look dated? Does it have a copyright declaration from decades ago?
    • Is the text too small?
    • Is it slow to load?
    • Is there a working contact form?

      All of these things form an opinion of you as a business. User experience can arguably be more important than the content itself. It is a part of your customer service and should be viewed as such.



It is natural to want to present yourself the best way possible, but don’t lose sight of your current brand status. Your brand will happen whether you do something or not [read more on brand].

Keep on your quest for perfection but don’t keep your new website in the shadows while you do so. Get it live as soon as possible & polish as you go. 

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