What are we talking about when we talk brand?

Brand or Logo, Logo or Brand

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Well first you need to know the difference. No they are not the same thing. A logo is not a brand. But a brand is a logo and soooo much more.

A logo is an identifying graphic and, or typographic mark. Simply, it’s a shape or symbol that identifies your product, business or company

What’s a brand then? A brand is EVERYTHING. It is the perception, a feeling, of and for your business. How your business is seen, heard, remembered, experienced, and interacted with by customers, potential customers, suppliers, competitors and advocates.


“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

Jeff Bezos, CEO & Founder Amazon


A brand is YOUR story, your message behind your logo. It speaks for you, not to you. It’s the emotional and business values that you and your business represents. It’s how you want to be seen, heard and respected. A brand gives your logo meaning.

Everything your business touches becomes part of your brand. Branded as yours, and yours alone. It’s your image. And image is everything. It’s how you appear in your marketing, your signage, your uniform, your products, your services. It’s how you present yourself to the market.

Customers don’t experience your logo. They experience your brand.

Now for people to experience your brand you don’t need to go adding more logos everywhere and making them even bigger (A lesson for another time!) … A strong brand can even speak without your logo being present.

Now the thing about a brand though is, that it is a living thing. Once your business is born, so too is the brand right alongside it. Whether your brand was planned and carefully crafted or if it happened by accident, it exists, it lives. It is what people see and hear about you. Even if you do nothing and say nothing, a brand exists for you. It grows and dies alongside your business, but it all depends on how you look after it. Kinda like a hedge! Yep I’m doing a Mark – whipping out an analogy for you. You have to plan a hedge, cos a good hedge doesn’t just happen. You have to look after it. Shape it, maintain it, nurture it, water it, fertilise it. Otherwise if you just let it go, it can get out of control, out of shape, choked by weeds, catch a fungus, end up with disease AND DIE!

So you should brand yourself, plan it, invest in it, and shape it, before others do it for you. Own your brand!

And you should speak with a brand specialist (enter... KEO)

We don’t think of your logo as existing purely in a white void, and nor do we present it that way. Because in the real world your logo is never ever seen again just sitting on its own in white space.

At KEO, we go beyond the logo, where it will be seen and heard, and how it will be seen and heard. So when KEO presents a logo, you won’t be shown options sitting on a vacant white space or screen. You will be presented with a logo concept. Branded onto your business touchpoints, the things that your customers see and experience… product packaging, vehicle signage, building signage, social media, marketing campaigns, stationery… all the things!

So in short you don’t just want a logo, you want a BRAND.

KEO does Logo design. But we specialise in Brand Design. The whole package, not just the logo package.



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