How you can make the most of your evergreen content.

Compost Your Content

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We know that over time writing content for your socials and your website can get tedious and it becomes harder to think of new topics and areas over time. Sometimes your blogs and posts can get stale and they can lose the SEO punch they used to have. That doesn't mean all your past work is going to waste, though. Take something you’ve created, put a new spin on it, and give it new life!

International Compost Awareness Week Australia (ICAW), Sunday 1 May – Saturday 7 May 2022, is a week of activities, events and publicity to improve awareness of the importance of  compost - a valuable organic resource, and to promote compost use, knowledge and products. 

We are strong supporters of reusing and renewing both at home and at the office!

Repurposing content, just like composting, is a way to use your previous blogs and revitalise them so they work harder for your SEO. 

Each time you write a blog post, you write it with a specific intent and audience in mind, but these can change over time. This is when composting comes in handy. Composting content involves adding to or heavily revising your content to add more value, a bit like turning the soil and adding the waste. 

That definition may sound vague, but that’s because recycling content comes in many forms. Your repurposing work can add value to a blog by reaching a new audience, adding new ways to reinforce and adjust your message to relate to the current climate. Repurposing your content in this way allows you to reach people you missed the first time around. 

How do you know what content to compost? 

Audit your existing content with analytics across Google and socials.

Take a look at your website's analytics. Find out which blogs rank best for metrics like their reach, organic visibility, linking structure, shares, and other performance statistics.

Move on to researching your competitors.

You search the web and find the top-performing content for your topic. Check out what they've done and create a better, more comprehensive version.

Identify missing keywords

If you don't have time to compost your content, You can always republish! You may like to republish in a different way, maybe take the time to present a webinar to your clients, or request a guest spot on a relevant podcast. 

If you need advice or want some tips on how to repurpose your content, fill in the contact form on our website!