Your business is performing well. It began with a small idea and, through hard work, sweat and tears, you've grown it into a fantastic offering.

Let's start by saying well done. If you're at this stage, you've been through a process of branding and logo design before but, this time, you want more. This time, you want 'something extra' to communicate the very best of your business and you're not sure what to call it. 

At KEO, it all begins with a Brand Discovery workshop. This workshop allows us to unpack and discover your positioning statements, your proof, business value proposition and the questions we all need to be asking ourselves. 

Our Brand Discovery workshops can take hours or days - this is reliant on the scope, value and time required to get to know your business. 

Through this process, we begin defining your brand assets and idenitiy such as your logo design, corporate identity, touchpoints and overall customer experience. 

Once we've fleshed out your Brand Personality, we develop a plan to apply it to all touch points of your business, in a meaningful, measured and considered approach.

You will leave the Brand Discovery with a brand bible that will provide a road map and guide for all future branding and marketing decisions ensuring your sizzle is not lost in the meat!