You're business has been performing well, and you began with a small idea that, through hard work, sweat and some tears, you've turned into a fantastic offering.

Let's start by saying well done. If you're at this stage, you've been through a process of branding identity and logo design before, but this time... you want more. This time you feel you need "something" to communicate how good your business is and you're not sure what to call it. 

KEOs Brand Strategy ProcessIn steps KEO with a Brand Strategy workshop. This workshop allows us to unpack and discover your positioning statements, your proof, the business' value proposition and the questions we need to be asking of ourselves. 

Our brand strategy workshops can take hours or days - this is reliant on the engagement, value and time we're able to put into getting to know your business. 

Through this process, we begin defining the brand assets and identity, meaning logo design, corporate identity, signage, and overall experience a customer will have with each touch point of your brand. 

We'll apply the brand personality and discovery to all touch points of your business, in a meaningful and considered approach. Website design and development will lay foundation as a place for you to perform your best business online, with social media, advertising and other forms of digital marketing generating leads and bringing them back to your site to ensure we can measure outcomes and adjust if required.