What can we expect on socials in 2022?

2022's Social Media Trends

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Year on year, social media continues to grow with increasing users, more platforms and new trends arising. Last year we brought you insights into Talkwalker’s number one social media trend for 2021, the socially conscious audience, highlighting the impact of Gen Z’s demand for brands to address their social responsibility. Now that we’re post (so they say…) pandemic, we’re looking at the behaviours that arose and have been somewhat cemented while consumers were stuck at home. 

As marketers, social media managers and business owners, we have to keep on top of these constant changes and new behaviours to remain relevant and competitive in the world of socials. To help us, and you, do just that Hootsuite have released their Social Trends 2022 report and we’re ready to uncover the findings. 

The key challenges identified by businesses in the report were: 

  • Consistently producing creative social content 

  • The decline of organic reach and the need to increase paid advertising budgets on social

  • Integrating data and technology to build a unified customer view 

  • The need to engage customers 1:1 at scale 

  • The need to unify social across all departments and channels to improve the customer experience 

  • Managing the privacy of customer data 

Did any of these resonate with you? Well, the good news is that with challenge comes opportunity, and the opportunities to respond to the above challenges will come to life through the 5 trends of 2022 as identified by Hootsuite:

Trend 1 - The Brand Strategy Trend 

Trend 2 - The Social Advertising Trend 

Trend 3 - The ROI Trend 

Trend 4 - The Social Commerce Trend

Trend 5 - The Customer Care Trend 

Over the coming weeks we are going to help you understand these trends and how to harness them to launch your brand into the future of social. Our key takeaways so far are:

  1. The true power of creators has been realised 

  2. Consumers will force social media advertisers to be more creative 

  3. Social media is no longer constricted by the four walls of the marketing team

  4. In platform shopping will be expected 

  5. Customer service is rapidly sliding into your DMs

To keep up to date and hear more about these trends, follow our socials to know when the next blog about the 2022 social media trends is out! Or, if you’d like to stay ahead of the game and get cracking straight away we’ve got some pretty cool digital marketers who live and breathe socials that would love to have a chat about how we can support your social media efforts in 2022 - reach out.

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