Hootsuite's Social Trends 2022 - The Customer Care Trend.

Customers are sliding into your DMs

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Customer service is sliding into your DMs, and you dare not ignore it. The demand for customer service through social media platforms is coming in hot. When you think about it, one of the key communication channels your target audience uses in daily life is social media. Now they expect this is the same for communicating with businesses. 

The pandemic has increased this demand, particularly in causing major supply chain issues with disastrous shipping conditions around the world, as well as staff shortages and changed business operations. Consumers aren’t happy. They’re stuck at home without their orders and what’s their first point of call? Social media DMs. 

Consumers have found that service through socials is immediate, convenient and effective. The ability to directly message a business and have one of their team members respond is beyond convenient for consumers. Hootsuite found that 64% of people now prefer to message rather than call a business. If that doesn’t tell you to check for DMs, maybe a few negative reviews will? 

Social media managers are becoming the heroes of customer service. 59% of organisations surveyed noted that social customer care has increased in value in the past year. In 2022, business owners and those in leadership positions will be looking to social media marketers to take on greater responsibility in the customer service area of their organisation. This is because they know the channels best and are closer to the customers they are posting to on the daily. 

Socials are something a lot of businesses struggle with, often outsourcing social media marketing to agencies. With the rise of the customer care trend, personal engagement through direct messages will be essential to remaining relevant for your customer base. Having someone dedicated to interacting with your audience on social media is a must for 2022. 

Whether it is yourself, one of your team, or you hire a social media manager, start the new year off with someone who will be checking your business profile’s DMs regularly and has the knowledge to provide valuable responses. 

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