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What Kind of Business Needs a Blog?

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So, your business has a company website. Awesome. But how does your website provide valuable information, express the personality of your brand, and demonstrate authority?

Business blogging is a marketing tactic used to gain more online visibility. Any kind of business can use a blog as part of their digital marketing strategy, as a cost-effective way to increase brand awareness. There are several benefits that come from a consistent business blog.

Benefit 1: Blogs drive traffic

As previously mentioned, blogs are useful for gaining online visibility. Consumers commonly Google their questions and queries, and your blog post could be the piece of content waiting to answer their question. The more blog content you publish on your website, the more opportunity your business will have to show up in search engine results. Business blogs serve as a great way to drive organic traffic and reach new customers.

Benefit 2: Traffic can be converted into leads

CTA is a beautiful acronym. It stands for Call to Action, something almost every blog post should feature. An effective blog will attract a potential customer and demonstrate how your business can help them. With the addition of a CTA, you can convert readers into leads by encouraging them to get in contact with your business or to sign up to your mailing list, guiding them further down the path of sales.

Benefit 3: Business blogs establish authority

A good blog answers common questions by providing consistent and helpful content. By presenting expert information online, you can showcase your knowledge and expertise in your field. Blogs serve as an opportunity to demonstrate a willingness to solve consumer problems, and an ability to do so, using your expert knowledge and experience.

Benefit 4: Blogs are shareable content

Sharing is caring, and when your readers care about what you have to say, it’s likely that they’ll share it. Shareable content increases exposure and has the potential to reach new audiences. Blogs also serve as content for your own social media. Every time you publish a new blog, announce it on your business profiles on social media and make it accessible for readers by attaching a link to the post.

Benefit 5: Blogs provide opportunity to build relationships with new and existing customers

Blogs are conversational, personable, and intimate. They serve as an effective tool for building trust with an audience by demonstrating an interest in providing solutions to consumer problems. If you present as an approachable company, consumers are more likely to get in touch. Blogs also provide your company with a voice and act as a great way to fast track relationships with potential customers.

How about a Podcast or Vlog?

Blogs, Podcasts and Vlogs are all powerful marketing tools. What you choose ultimately depends on the intended audience.

VLOGS are increasing in popularity as video becomes the dominant online force. This medium is much more appealing to younger audiences and can turn a relatively boring topic into an engaging piece of content. Vlogs aim to educate, entertain and market. Business vlogging adds a personal touch and let’s your audience see the real people behind your brand. Video is powerful for sharing who you are and what you believe in, which in turn builds strong relationships with your audience.

So, what if the audience you’re trying to reach is struck for time? Enter PODCASTS! Podcasts are audio-based, allowing listeners to multitask, making them perfect for an audience that doesn’t have time to sit and read a blog. This is an opportunity to present an engaging and valuable piece of content that reflects your brand voice and the personality of your company. It is NOT an opportunity to push boring old marketing on the listener. If you’re going to start a podcast for your business, you must ensure it’s engaging and provides value to the listener.

Blogs (or Podcasts, or Vlogs) are for every kind of business! It’s not so much a case of ‘do we need one?’ but ‘how can we use one effectively as part of our digital marketing strategy?’.

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