JEEP-ers, you've changed.

The EV-loution of Jeep

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JEEP-ers, you've changed.


When you picture the future of electric vehicles (EV), Jeep probably isn’t the first company to come to mind. The high-octane, action-packed brand is usually shadowed by high fuel consumption… enter the Renegade Compass 4xe Plug-In Hybrid, Jeep's first-ever EV.

Leo Burnett Amsterdam had the mission of marketing a very different kind of jeep to three types of consumers (that can afford a Jeep): Thinkers, Achievers, and Innovators. Thinkers want reliability, Achievers have a desire to show off, and Innovators seek authenticity. 

While the Jeep, and its features, may be familiar to many generations, the next generation of drivers don’t desire to own and drive one. Simply because of the existing brand perception, younger, more environmentally focused drivers won't even consider buying a Jeep.

So how do you get the attention of young consumers? Technology. It's second nature to us, and imagery around it is consumed without a second thought. If they were to do an ad with a high production value breakdown of the innovative electric battery, we would be completely alienated. Instead, they merged something familiar and something iconic to make The Battery Grille. Seeing the grille of a jeep slowly light up as if it were charging is so simple, but instantly recognised as a vehicle you charge, as opposed to something you refuel.

In my opinion, the next step for Jeep will be pushing this transition further, not just saying “Hey we do EVs now, too!”, but instead consistently acknowledging the importance of developing more sustainable vehicles and fuel sources for their future drivers.

As SBI’s Patricia Breman says “The old adage, 'He that dies with the most toys wins', has been replaced. It now is, 'He [or she] that dies with the best toys wins' ”.



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