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Quest for the Silver Bullet

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Be the expert

What if I told you that by buying this one book, you will have sales pouring through your door in a matter of days.

And what if I told you everything you’ve learned about sales and marketing your business could be solved using these 3 simple techniques. 

Then, what if I told you everything you have been doing up until this point is wrong, and you’ve been doing it the hard way, and I have the fastest most direct way to solve all your problems. 


Intrigued? Sure! Why not?

What if I promised you the number 1 spot on Google, just sign here? 


Would you be interested?  


You should be, because you my friend just found the magic bullet! The long lost holy grail! The one ring to rule them all! 

Today, we see multiple offerings to clients from every direction citing to be the one solution to solve all problems, perhaps even offering to solve a fundamental problem that you don’t actually have. 

We can spend too much time wading and sifting through the noise, wasting time chasing the shiny ball and false promises that keep us distracted from making meaningful decisions and keeping productive. 

We get caught in the jargon, the fancy new software releases, the social media hype. We need to disconnect from these spaces and begin with a strategy review. 


What’s your strategy?


If you couldn’t answer that, you’re not alone - however why are you at the other end of your business cycle trying to find solutions when you haven’t spent the time defining the problems that require solving. 

Is it that you have a sales issue? Or, if we chunk it up  do we find ourselves staring at a completely different problem, and the sales are just one symptom of something much larger? 

So how would I even begin taking myself back from needing more sales? I don’t have time because I need more sales to make sure I am able to spend time on these important issues. 

I’d ask you if you had half an hour, and don’t lie to me, you and I both know you can find that. Now on a whiteboard throw all your business problems up. It doesn’t matter where they go for the moment, just get them up there. 

Once you’ve got a nice little mess on the board, take a step back and you might realise why you haven’t found time to focus on any of these issues. Each one of them, feeling more important than the next with no clear direction or structure can really become overwhelming. 

Now if you take the categories:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Operational
  • Administration
  • HR
  • Business Strategy

You can now file each of these into a neat order, begin getting them in order of priority as well. With a bit more structure, you will now be able to delegate out certain issues but also tie all these back into the beginning of your business strategy, define the business’ purpose and value proposition. 

By the end of this half hour exercise, you’ll come out with a clearer mindset, a focused list of tasks and the bones of a strategy. Hopefully you can now see in which space you need to take the next step and begin executive a more meaningful plan. 

No silver bullet, just focussed work in the right area will lead to better outcomes. If you’re needing support and assistance with the strategy work we have a host of workshops and processes to facilitate and assist. 



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