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"KEO, a brand agency out of Tamworth. Can't recommend them enough for anything brand related, really good operators."

Andrew Duck, CEO


  • GuardRails empowers modern development teams to find, fix and prevent vulnerabilities related to code, libraries, secrets and cloud.

    GuardRails was founded by Stefan Streichsbier, an expert in Application Security and DevSecOps. After years of experience in intrusive security testing across corporate networks, Stefan focused on secure application development for web and mobile applications. 

    Security is a priority in application development, but tools had a long history of interrupting developers and finding vulnerabilities well after they were created. GuardRails is designed for developers, providing security that doesn’t interrupt workflow or add to processes. It is security within the development environment, running security scans quietly in the background, providing real time alerts of important vulnerabilities.
  • Services for this project included:
    • Brand Strategy
      Stakeholder Engagement
      Brand Development
      Brand Identity
      Content Structure and Heiarchy