Brand transitioning - it's probably something you know you should do because you have been watching competitors do it for a while... 

And now it's your turn and you want to create the biggest splash the industry has ever seen! 

Transitioning your brand happens for a multitude of reasons. In many cases, we see it's due to a new offering, service, product or location and this addition will alter the perspective people may have of your business. We need to captilise on new traffic coming through your door and the buzz that this new offering will create! 

You have created a meaningful legacy and excellent rapport thanks to your existing brand identity and marketing: 

  • Do we need to capitilise on that investment and use it to leverage your transition into a new market?
  • Or start fresh and take customers someplace new and exciting? 
  • How does your current position influence the direction you're looking to take? 

We begin by analysing these questions and assessing potential impacts regarding what you should start doing, keep doing and stop doing. 

The design of a logo and brand identity need to be carefully considered throughout this process and how you might leverage your existing goodwill to boost reputability and recognition during the transition. 

If you're interested to know more about this process, or would like to chat through your ideas over a coffee or beer - it's our shout.  


Talk turkey with us!