Daniel Elliott

Motion Designer

*insert every line from The Simpsons: Seasons 1-7*

Where do you find a guy who’s worked for Netflix, has a passion for creating an old school feel in the digital space, and spends his free time animating shorts that appear on screen at festivals all around the world? Right here in Tamworth at KEO!

Daniel joins our team as a Motion Designer, supporting our Social Media, animation and video services. A country boy through and through, his entire career has been built around teaching himself new skills through personal projects that Daniel can apply to his professional career. He was lucky enough to get his foot in the door of the marketing industry when technical proficiency was a higher priority than anything else, moving into digital marketing and motion design in 2003. 

Three years of Daniel’s life were spent working in Canada as a visual effects artist, compositor and director. This afforded Daniel the opportunity to work on a number of animated children’s series for a range of clients, including Netflix. He also has a long history of working on animated shorts that have been screened in festivals all around the world. 

Daniel’s hunger for knowledge and drive to expand his skill set, whether that be through learning new software or creating art on entirely new mediums, sees him bring a wealth of knowledge and incredible skill set to KEO. He’s passionate about trying to create the feel of old school tactility in the digital space, where Daniel feels that a lot of modern works, motion and animation in particular, can feel very cold and clinical. 

Where there is time spare away from animation, Daniel loves a good time lapse, sitting in a dark room spinning vinyls (which he spends way too much money on growing his collection of), or teaching himself game development. His current project is learning how to make gameboy games that run on original hardware - neat hey? We’re super excited to have Daniel onboard, though he does have zero control around chocolate but that just means we’ll have to buy more!