Have you considered bringing your brand to life using animation?

Animation can make your brand stand out from your competitors. It's a completely flexible medium that gives life to any idea, story or concept. 

Communicating on-screen using animation enables simple explanation of complex ideas utilising easy to read visual metaphors and references. 

Animation covers everything from motion graphics (the movement of graphic elements such as shape, text and color to convey information, incredibly popular in the explainer video space) to more traditional visual aesthetics like those found in Saturday morning cartoons.

It cuts out the expensive limitations of working in live action, with no need for location scouting, lighting, insurance, and depending on the project, casting. 

Animation provides direct reference to your brand, using brand elements like colours to create backgrounds, characters or other animated assets. 

From informing your customer to making them laugh, (or why not both?) animation is the perfect tool to get your customer emotionally invested in your brand. Retain your audience's interest by adding fun and engaging animated assets to your library. 

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